The success of software development in the mobile casino industry

Online gaming is currently a booming industry thanks to the increase in the number of gamers turning to mobile devices. With advances in technology spearheading moves by traditional casinos to occupy an online presence, as well as the rise of new online and mobile casinos, the market has become highly competitive.

So, with all mobile and web casino companies striving to stay ahead of the competition in every way possible, they are looking to the software and app development industry for help. In turn, these software development companies are keen to demonstrate that they can transfer know-how creating websites, apps and games that appeal to customers in this industry.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best software developers and their work to help big players in the mobile casino industry.

mobile mobility

Nowadays, most of our lives take place in the palm of our hands and this extends to entertainment activities. The popularity of easy-to-play online slot machines at Paddy Power Casinofor example, which have the “capacity and playability” that discerning consumers are looking for, now equates to streaming movies, TV shows and live sporting events on mobile devices.

Simply put, many modern casino players gamble online because it’s convenient. Slot games in particular are considered to be the easiest form of online casino for players to play, as all they require is for the player to spin a reel and wait for the result.

And with the majority of online gaming companies now providing high quality and highly compatible mobile apps to suit their customers’ needs, the choice for gamers is almost limitless. But how can companies offer all these choices?

Creator Gear

In order to provide an optimal experience for their customers, online gaming companies are increasingly working with some of the best software and mobile game developers in the world.

Arguably the most recognized of these companies is Playtech, which is widely regarded as the leading player in software development within the online gaming industry. The company has grown into a giant that now incorporates many other developers, including YoYo Games and its GameMaker Studio software and QuickSpin, both of which have had great success in developing video slots.

Its dominance is such that any aspiring player will definitely have visited a Playtech online casino game – including Irish Luck and King Kong slots.

Another such company, Net Entertainment, has been involved in this industry for almost 30 years. They have created software for online versions of almost every classic casino game, including live dealer games, but generally specialize in slots. Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst are their biggest hits, but they’re also officially licensed to develop some of the best music, film and TV branded slot games, such as Motorhead, and have even branched out into reality slots. Virtual.

Continued success

With Microgaming and IGT having lent a hand in popular slots such as Mega Moolah and Wheel Of Fortune, respectively, it is clear that the proliferation of software development for the online casino industry is proving fruitful. All the sample games above are popular with gamers for a variety of reasons, namely visual appeal, ease of use, and mobile compatibility.

The contribution of these companies to supply these key components is one of the main reasons for this success.

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