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Software development is a multi-billion dollar industry that many visionaries have exploited only too well. You only have to listen to the extraordinary stories of Microsoft, Macromedia, Linux and hundreds of other great developers to understand this truth.

The potential niches for creative developers who dream of getting rich still exist, although today venture capitalists, who would give any amount of money for a company offering great programming ideas, have dwindled .

And the fact is that the software business is very profitable, which basically consists of making a program to solve a specific need that works well and selling the licenses (copies) to as many consumers as possible, thus obtaining a return on the hours of investment in programming.

Successful strategies are visualized from researching and designing more viable alternatives both in terms of promotion and price. This is why the success of the software activity is based on the versatility of the product, which makes it possible to offer computer programs for the solution of an infinite number of needs.

The marketing strategies used in today’s market require the development of a tailored program for a particular niche. For developers, this is usually a more viable option as it allows them to compete on better terms since their solutions are much more targeted.

The real return on profits is concentrated in the sale of as many software licenses as possible, and the Internet is an extraordinary ally for this purpose. These arguments are legitimized by the fact that today there are programs for productivity, engineering, entertainment and even sophisticated scientific applications.

In areas related to accounting, software such as Wave, Bind, Nubox, ZipBooks, CloudBooks, among others, allow you to integrate tools to dump transaction data, payments and create financial reports. Some even offer versions for mobile devices, so you can always enter new data.

While other business software, such as Enterpise Resource Planning or Customer Relationship Management, bring together purchasing, sales, human resources, production and inventory planning and management. They also facilitate the loyalty of current and potential customers and thus contribute to the development of the customer-company relationship.

Online casinos are another one whose success is based on the software they use. Experts in the field point out that in this field, everything revolves around the gameplay, the graphics, the user interface and the very large real money winnings.

And that the best software is the one that ensures there are no lags, malware, viruses or bugs. Additionally, players want a casino site to give you something easy to use on your laptop or device.

There are about four major software brands that have the largest presence in this industry. These are: Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt and Aristocrats.

There are plenty of other software providers that are starting to make a name for themselves, but these four brands are present in New Zealand casinos, as well as several in the US, Japan, France and the UK.

In all of these cases, the company’s key has been to research alternatives, one of which is to offer a pre-release (limited) version of the software that the potential buyer can use for 30 days and if they meet their needs, he can buy the full version.

This marketing strategy, called Shareware, is joined by others such as the sale of copies of the software in other languages ​​and licensing packages with discounts based on the number of units purchased.

Undoubtedly, the usefulness of software in the various sectors helps to reduce costs, increase productivity, systematize processes and ensure a more efficient flow of information.

Moreover, thanks to software, we can perform tasks that decades ago would have required years of work, which has undoubtedly led to a global revolution in modern society.

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