The makers of ServicePRO announce a new enterprise software solution to transform maintenance management

Help Desk Technology (HDT), the creator of ServicePRO and a leading provider of enterprise software service solutions in various industries for over 25 years, announces the launch of the ZunasoⓇ Work Order application, a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) which automates the organization of maintenance operations and processes.

“We are poised to transform maintenance management by helping to streamline entire workflows, achieve greater efficiency and accuracy, productivity and return on investment,” said Paul Bodet, director of Zunaso. “The Zunaso Work Order app allows businesses to plan, prioritize, approve, assign, track, and review all types of work orders. This will enable seamless communication between end users/managers, supervisors and technicians,” added Bodet.

The ZunasoⓇ Work Order App offers an intuitive, simple and user-friendly mobile app interface. Asset and inventory management can be easily tracked and organized on the go via the app. A built-in barcode scanner helps instantly update barcode information in assets, equipment, and rooms. It also has capabilities to filter data to help measure KPIs, analyze time and cost resources, and measure efficiency and productivity in real time.

Additional benefits of the ZunasoⓇ Work Order App include:

  • Reduced downtime and costs
  • Improved equipment reliability
  • Increased security
  • Elimination of paperwork
  • Automate and simplify maintenance goals

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About Zunaso

The Zunaso® Work Order application was created by Help Desk Technology, a leading source of business software for over 25 years. Our mission is to create enterprise software solutions that enable our customers to succeed by focusing on delivering maximum productivity and efficiency in a cost effective manner. The Zunaso® Work Order app simplifies organization and facility maintenance with an intuitive, feature-rich mobile app that can track all types of work orders and information on the go. Assets and inventory are tracked and organized efficiently. The preventive maintenance function increases the reliability and life of the equipment and reduces maintenance costs. The Zunaso® work order app maximizes productivity and efficiency by measuring KPIs and analyzing time and cost resources. For more information, visit www.zunaso.comand our social networks LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebookand Youtube.

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