Test and measurement software development environment for electronic devices and boards introduced by Marvin

IRVINE, Calif. – Marvin Test Solutions Inc. in Irvine, CA introduces the ATEasy 2021 test and development suite to automate the testing and evaluation of electronic devices, boards, subassemblies and systems.

ATEasy 2021 is an integrated software development environment and test lead with improved runtime performance, updated user interfaces, code beautification, and support for 64-bit software components.

“With this release, users can build 32- or 64-bit apps, mix 32- and 64-bit software components, and use the new redesigned development environment UI to build a better app with a consistent coding style. help our new code beautification features,” says Ron Yazma, vice president of software engineering at Marvin Test.

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This release of the test and measurement system includes a revamped integrated development environment (IDE) user interface, support for 64-bit software components, and code editor updates including Beautify Code, suggested settings and auto-completion improvements.

Users can configure the ATEasy IDE and test applications built by ATEasy to comply with DOD Application Software Development (ASD 5.1) Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) requirements.

The system offers access control, user privileges, DLL encryption, data encryption and other safeguards. For more information, contact Marvin Test Solutions online at www.marvintest.com.

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