Software development for SmartNIC is gearing up

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SmartNICs Summit covers the latest approaches

The new SmartNICs summit will help designers develop software for these new devices. SmartNICs can do a lot, but software development can be time-consuming and expensive without the right tools. SmartNICs Summit will review what is available and how to get it. It will also offer panels on choosing the right methods and optimizing applications. Vendors will demonstrate their approaches in the exhibit area, and the pre-conference day will provide an introduction to the popular P4 network programming language.

“SmartNICs can perform many routine network tasks, increasing throughput, scalability, scalability and flexibility. But the idea only works if product developers can build the required software quickly and cheaply,” said Summit conference chair Chuck Sobey. “Software development requires many tools. Vendors must provide a platform and support an ecosystem and open source efforts to fill the software void.

The SmartNICs Summit also features cutting-edge keynote addresses and a panel of experts to ask questions in an informal atmosphere. It is a one-stop-shop for designers and managers to learn how to take advantage of an important new networking technology.

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About the SmartNICs Summit

SmartNICs Summit showcases the emerging SmartNIC market. It showcases the trends and people driving the adoption of SmartNICs in data centers and enterprise clouds. The Summit is a product of Semper Technologies.

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