Siemens and SAP integrate software applications

The industry has seen various approaches to digitizing production operations as a means of connecting the factory to the business. From the rise of industrial Internet of Things platforms to Internet-connected sensors, one thing is clear so far: there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the process.

In an effort to provide a more comprehensive approach to the digital transformation of the industry, Siemens and SAP have created a technology and expertise partnership to deliver what they call an “end-to-end integrated software solution across the product life cycle, supply chain and asset management”. to eliminate process and information silos and provide a complete Industry 4.0 solution. »

The integration of Siemens Teamcenter and SAP’s S/4Hana supports companies’ ability to offer this technology end-to-end.

Companies will initially focus on discrete manufacturing industries, such as aerospace, automotive, electronics and industrial machinery.

Beyond software integration, this partnership includes SAP having the ability to offer Siemens Teamcenter software as the foundation for product lifecycle collaboration and data management, while Siemens will offer SAP Intelligent solutions. Asset Management and SAP Project and Portfolio Management applications to manage the life cycles of products and services. and enable new collaborative processes between manufacturers and operators.

In their joint announcement, SAP and Siemens said the partnership is designed to help companies “break down silos between engineering and business so that manufacturers, product design teams, and service managers have access to information they need to quickly create and manage customer-centric product and service offerings.

Klaus Helmrich, CEO of Siemens Digital Industries.Klaus Helmrich, CEO of Siemens Digital Industries, added that this collaboration goes “beyond interoperability and interfaces; it’s about creating a truly integrated digital thread that unites product and asset lifecycle management with the business that enables customers to optimize product production.

Explaining the thought process behind such a broad partnership, Richard Howells, VP of Outreach and Thought Leadership for SAP’s Digital Supply Chain, said: “Companies have found that in order to truly realize the benefits of Industry 4.0, industry leaders must come together and define an industry standard solution that enables the true digital thread connecting supply chain, manufacturing, asset management and business information and processes .

Richard Howells, vice president of awareness and thought leadership for SAP's digital supply chain.Richard Howells, vice president of awareness and thought leadership for SAP’s digital supply chain.Howells added that COVID-19 has highlighted the need for resilience in industry supply chains, “as we see our customers facing fluctuating demand, unstable supply and limited capacity in their chains. supply. End-to-end supply chain processes are at the forefront of addressing these challenges and are now a boardroom topic. Having visibility and collaboration across all departments, from engineering and R&D, to manufacturing, delivery and maintenance, to how customers use and operate products and services, is essential. assets. As we shift into recovery mode, businesses will need to be ready to meet the increased demand for products and services. This partnership aims to improve the time to value of these products and services through design efficiency and accelerated innovation. And for the many customers who use SAP and Siemens solutions; this partnership will provide a clear roadmap for these companies as they make decisions about technologies that will propel their businesses through the COVID crisis and beyond.

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