Shipster Secures Funding to Expand Shipping Software Business

British maritime technology company Shipster has secured investment from Manchester-based Fearless Adventures to help grow its business.

Shipster claims to make what it calls “extremely bespoke” shipping software more accessible to growing online retailers with a “no price per shipment” model and a technical support team that can change the rules. same day shipping for customer warehouses. The company already works with brands such as AYBL, Missy Empire, Lounge and Oh Polly.

Shipster will use the new funds to expand its team and expand its offering, including carbon-neutral shipping options and end-customer experience features, while the co-founders of Fearless Adventures, which specializes in supporting D2C businesses fast-growing, will help with the company’s growth plans.

Shipster says customers like Oh Polly save tens of thousands of pounds a year with Shipster’s platform. After a consumer pays for an order, Shipster automatically creates shipments and courier reservations, generates tracking information, and all shipping and customs documentation. Today, Shipster operates over 1,000 warehouse packing benches and over 60 leading couriers have been integrated, including the addition of five services in the Middle East. Shipster processed over 26.3 million shipments last year alone.

Hayley Cowburn, co-founder of Shipster, said: “It’s time to take our biggest step to grow the business, and more financial support. We are looking for people who “have done it before” and who bring valuable experience and expertise to the table. We spoke to a few investment firms, but found that many of them were too corporate and impersonal. The Fearless Adventures team is different; they feel like a true extension of the team with a genuine sense of excitement for the future of our business. This breathed new life into our ambitions and motivated us even more.

David Newns, co-founder of Fearless Adventures, said, “No one has really disrupted the e-commerce shipping space so far, so this is an exciting opportunity. Before Shipster, the problem for many growing e-commerce businesses was overpriced products, sub-optimal quality, and insufficient support. Now these companies love the product, the team and what they have done to improve their shipping. They are making a real difference in the warehouses of up-and-coming e-commerce brands and in doing so, have become an essential part of tomorrow’s e-commerce economy.

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