Seequent acquires geostatistical software | CRA Notice

Bentley Systems, Incorporated announced that his Seequent business unit acquired the Denver-based company Advanced Resources and Risk Technology, LLC (AR2Tech), a developer of geostatistical software applications. The acquisition provides Seequent with state-of-the-art geostatistical algorithms, technology and intellectual property for solving complex geospatial problems, complementing its geological modeling solutions and workflows, to help solve problems related to land, environment and resources.

AR2Tech represents a new generation of geostatistical and spatial data analysis solutions for mining, environmental sciences and energy. Its state-of-the-art, high-performance cloud and desktop algorithms and workflows enable users to build and optimize a diverse set of models, even with millions of cells, without performance bottlenecks. AR2Tech’s library of algorithms can be applied to a wide range of geostatistical modeling and data science methods, supporting data-centric and machine learning-based functions. The solutions can be used standalone or integrated with other software, including Seequent’s Leapfrog 3D geological modeling solutions.

Mining companies use AR2Tech’s geostatistical modeling solutions for conditional simulation and complex ore body estimation models, with custom algorithms for specific deposits. Environmental science professionals use custom workflows for data management, spatial assessment, and risk assessment, designed for applications such as stochastic subsurface simulation for climate modeling. water, assessment and sampling strategy, integration of remote sensing

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