Rollbar provides new and updated SDKs

Rollbar, provider of real-time error monitoring software as a service, offers new and updated software development kits (SDKs) and features.

These SDKs keep Rollbar up to date on older, but very important, platforms like .Net, PHP, and Laravel, as well as faster platforms like Apple iOS, React, Typescript, and Flutter.

“Rollbar is an essential tool from the moment developers say ‘Hello World’ in the language they operate. These releases ensure that we scale with the range of languages ​​and frameworks we support,” Cyrus said. Radfar, product director of Rollbar.

The new updated SDKs that Rollbar has unveiled include:

  • .Net v5: The latest version of Rollbar’s .Net SDK adds support for WebAssembly (Wasm) on the Blazor browser side and introduces RollbarInfrastructure. When enabled in Blazor client-side hosts, RollbarInfrastructure offloads a large packaging and processing payload to a dedicated background worker thread to be handled asynchronously. Additionally, roll bar configuration can now be grouped into relevant functional groups, or configuration options, instead of a long, flat list of settings.
  • Apple/Mac SDK: successor to the Rollbar-iOS SDK, this new version is lighter, has better defined public APIs, is more compatible with Swift and can be used on all current Apple operating systems and platforms. The modular design allows users to take advantage of any or all of this SDK, where each SDK module is a standalone SPM package that automatically adds any required dependencies to any other SDK package as needed. Additionally, crash reporting with this SDK is now optional. Memory management features are coming soon.
  • Flutter Beta: This SDK is a fully functional implementation of a Rollbar notifier that allows users to compose and transmit logging payloads to It can be used on any Dart or Flutter based app. It can tap into Flutter’s uncaught/unhandled exception pipeline and pass all unhandled exceptions to Rollbar globally in the app. It includes RollbarInfrastructure for payload offloading. Additionally, its connectivity monitor serves to optimize unnecessary payload transmission during offline intervals.
  • PHP 8/Laravel 9: The latest version of this SDK adds support for PHP 8 and Laravel 9 and offers an array of new features. Travis actions can now be converted to GitHub with this release. CI has been enabled for pull requests. There is now a fallback to the getKey method. This SDK also makes available the Laravel integration test matrix.
  • react v0.10.0: With this new release, Typescript projects are now fully supported. Typescript projects depend on Rollbar’s javascript SDK, so that must be installed as well. Additionally, this SDK now supports class components.

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