Nylas announces Workflows: pre-built templates to automate tasks in software applications

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nylas, a pioneer and leading provider of productivity infrastructure solutions for modern software development teams, today announced the launch of Nylas Workflows. Nylas Workflows are pre-built, composable templates that allow software developers to quickly orchestrate end-to-end workflow automations across a wide range of applications, such as CRMs, tracking systems candidates, telehealth platforms and digital supply chain management.

Workflows allow developers to automate manual tasks such as scheduling appointments with healthcare providers, sending dispatch notifications on channels such as email and SMS, and updating databases with important customer information. Additionally, Workflows extends the automation capabilities of Nylas platforms from email, calendar and contacts to integrate with business applications such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

“Our mission is to create solutions that reduce our customers’ time to market, improve their customer engagement, and increase the productivity of their development teams and end users,” said Gleb Polyakov, CEO of Nylas. “Knowledge workers in positions such as sales, legal, finance, human resources and healthcare are wasting valuable time switching between tools and navigating the inefficiencies of the software they rely on to do their work. With Nylas, our customers have shown they can improve their end-user productivity by 20% or more overnight by removing friction from their user experiences. »

Nylas provides productivity infrastructure solutions to over 600 customers in 22 countries, such as Upwork, Wix, Dialpad and Comcast. This announcement follows Nylas’ expansion of its platform capabilities to include AI/ML workloads, the introduction of the first-ever program to simplify the Google OAuth security verification process, and the launch of its On-Prem offer for business customers.

For more information on Nylas workflows, please visit www.nylas.com/products/workflows.

About Nylas

Nylas is a pioneer and leading provider of productivity infrastructure solutions for modern software. More than 50,000 developers worldwide use the Nylas platform to quickly and securely integrate productivity features into their applications. With Nylas, developers gain unprecedented access to their end users’ rich communication data, predefined workflows that automate daily tasks, embeddable UI/UX components for rapid front-end development, and comprehensive security capabilities, all delivered through a suite of powerful APIs that make integration easy.

Nylas was founded in 2013 and has raised over $55 million to date from 8VC, Spark Capital, Slack, Citi Ventures, Round 13, ScaleUP, Data Collective, Fuel Capital and SV Angel. Nylas’ clients range from large enterprises such as Ceridian, Hyundai, Fox News Corp, Hubspot and Move.com to high-growth start-ups like Dialpad, Pipedrive, Lexicata and Qualia. Learn more at www.nylas.com.

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