New version of Hilla accelerates software development for

TURKU, Finland, Nov. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vaadin, a provider of web application platforms for Java, announces the new version of its open-source framework, Hilla. Hilla adds support for React, the most popular JavaScript library for building high-performance front-end applications.

Hilla complements React by providing a platform for application teams to build business applications faster than React alone.

It allows developers to:

  • Save development time with simplified communication between the front and back-end, without the need to create a REST API.
  • discover and fix errors earlier with end-to-end type safety and support for TypeScript, the most popular version of JavaScript;
  • Build modern UIs faster with over 45 UI components for React and a customizable base theme;
  • simplify security with secure-by-default endpoints and validation that ensures data integrity on the server and client;
  • get started quickly with a zero-configuration toolchain to build both the UI and the back-end;

“Many development teams combine JavaScript/TypeScript on the front-end with a Java back-end,” said Steven Grandchamp, CEO of Vaadin. “Although React is the most popular JavaScript library, developers also recognize that combining React with other tools can further improve productivity. Hilla provides a comprehensive platform, supported and maintained by Vaadin, that works seamlessly with React, allowing application teams to build business applications faster than with React alone.

The new version of Hilla will be generally available in December 2022. Vaadin offers subscriptions for Hilla that include advanced user interface components and enterprise-grade support and maintenance.

For more information, visit Vaadin’s blog:

Vaadin Flow for Full-Stack Java Applications
Vaadin continues to develop and support Vaadin Flow, the leading framework for full-featured Java applications. Vaadin’s rich library of UI components works with both Vaadin Flow and Hilla, allowing organizations to deliver a consistent look and feel across apps and teams. With Vaadin Flow and Hilla, application teams can choose between two great options for building and modernizing Java-based applications.

In a September 2022 survey of Vaadin customers, respondents indicated that using Vaadin to create a user interface for a Java application saves an average of 46% in development time and 41% in development costs. compared to other approaches.

About Vaadin
Vaadin, a provider of modern web frameworks for Java, enables developers around the world to build intuitive web applications that their users will love. Vaadin makes it easier and faster to develop and modernize Java-based enterprise applications. Customers report an average of 46% savings in web UI development with Vaadin compared to other approaches. Vaadin is behind the open source framework Vaadin Flow for full Java applications and the Hilla framework for hybrid TypeScript/Java applications. Trusted by 40% of Fortune 500 companies and over 100,000 developers worldwide, Vaadin has been helping organizations accelerate the development of web front-ends for enterprise Java applications for over 20 years.


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