Mike Cullen leads the N-able RMM software business for MSP partners

N-able named mike cullen as Managing Director of RMM – the software company’s remote monitoring and management business focused on MSP partners.

Mike Cullen, General Manager of N-able’s RMM business

The move surfaces ahead of N-able Empower 2022, an MSP conference scheduled for October 3-5 in Las Vegas.

Cullen is a household name in the MSP technology market and ranks among the pioneers of the industry. He was part of the core team that built N-able since its inception around 2000.

Long before the MSP wave became mainstream, Cullen helped N-able’s partners transition to monthly recurring revenue (MRR) while the software company competed against competitors such as Dell Silverback, Level Platforms, Kaseya , Nimsoft and Zenith Infotech, among many others. .

Cullen has also navigated several N-able ownership models, including selling the company to SolarWinds for $120 million in May 2013, and the N-able spinoff of SolarWinds in mid-2021.

N-able RMM: Market Competition and the Role of Mike Cullen

Fast forward to today. N-able ($NABL) now has a market cap of $1.65 billion, according to SeekingAlpha. And the RMM market has consolidated around ConnectWise, Kaseya, N-able and NinjaOne – with newcomers like Atera and Syncro MSP also in the mix.

John Pagliuca, CEO, Nable

N-able is still growing, but it’s a safe bet that CEO John Pagliuca wants to accelerate that growth. In this context, Cullen now oversees the strategic direction of N-able’s RMM platforms and complementary portfolio while “remaining close to N-able’s Head Nerds, Market Development and Customer Success teams”, said said the company.

When it comes to RMM products, N-able offers two main platforms:

Dig a little deeper and you’ll see that N-able RMM is based on the acquisition of LogicNow in 2016, while N-central’s roots go back to the founding of N-able around 2000.

In a prepared statement on Cullen’s new role, the CEO of N-able John Pagliuca said:

“Build it and they will come, that’s not how we do it today. Our industry and our business are built on trust, true partnership and ongoing collaboration. Cullen has worked in this field for many years and is often referred to as the “Godfather of the MSP Industry” by our partners. By formalizing Cullen’s role and utilizing those years of knowledge, we are demonstrating our commitment to listen more and do more to ensure our MSPs remain the MVPs of the markets they serve now and in the future. The channel’s influence is too valuable and the need to run everything as a service is too great not to capitalize on it and move forward together.

Cullen added:

“For nearly two decades, N-able’s business and technology resources have followed the roadmap of helping MSPs establish, grow and scale their business, from managing point solutions to everything as a service for small, medium, and large business accounts. We want to show the market that N-able’s people, processes, and technologies are a perfect fit for any MSP, at any point in their journey. The future of our industry is promising, and now is the time for N-able and our MSPs to scale their operations, expanding our current business volume and simultaneously landing more business together.

Stay tuned for more updates from the N-able Empower 2022 conference. ChannelE2E will be blogging live from the event onsite.

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