Lectures on coding and software development

Rejoin Codecinelle and women in technology for two conferences on software development. Events can be attended in person at the Central Library or via Zoom. Codecinella and Women in Tech work to center women’s experiences, strengthen the developer community, and encourage more women to get involved in technology. RSVP is required – see each event for link. Participants agree to join the Madison Women in Tech code of conduct.

September 21, 6:15 p.m. | Central Library or Zoom

The Twelve Factors app The methodology was created as a set of best practices for web application development. We’ll cover each of the 12 factors and explain how each factor contributes to a scalable and resilient web application. REGISTER

October 19, 6:15 p.m. | Central Library or Zoom

A high-level conference on ML algorithms inspired by behaviors observed in nature. This is an introductory session to give you an overview of the available algorithms with real world examples and use cases where these algorithms have been used and implemented. The main purpose of this sampler level presentation is to spark your interest in one or more of these algorithms with details on how they work and how they have been used IRL (in real life). At the very least, you’ll get new insights into the evolution of machine learning. REGISTER

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