Ingressive for Good / Zuri Training Scholarship to Learn Software Development (Coding) and Design (Fully Funded)

Application deadline: May 1, 2022

Learn and build a career in software coding/development (backend, frontend, fullstack) and UI/UX design skills for FREE. Ingressive for the goodan edtech non-profit organization, has partnered with Zuri Training to provide this scholarship and give a basic introduction to software development and product design for complete beginners that anyone can join. This will help you gain the knowledge you need to scale in the tech industry for free. The program is fully distance learning, beginner friendly, hands-on experience, collaborative learning, in-program mentorship with real-life projects.

Learning path:

Full time:

  • Requires at least 25 hours per week on program content.
  • Full-time learners can learn fullstack or intensive product design (with Figma and Adobe XD)

    Part time:

  • Requires at least 11 hours per week on program content.
  • Part-time learners can choose between frontend, backend, or product design (with Figma)

Tracks available:

A whole package:

  • Backend (Python, JavaScript), Frontend (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) & DevOps Design: Figma, Adobe XD – this is available for those following the full-time learning paths.

    Backend development:

  • This track will help you learn a backend language (Python, PHP or JavaScript)

    Front end development:

  • This track will help you learn HTML, CSS, JavaScriptProduct (UI/UX)

    Product design:

  • This track deals with creating a graphics plan for an application.
  • You will learn how to convert project documentation into a visible and understandable graphical design for developers to work with Figma.

Hthat works :

  • Apply
  • Successful candidates will be contacted on May 2, 2022
  • Participants will have access to training and will be presented in real-world applications to practice. Weekly tasks, ranging from simple to complex, will be given to you as you progress step by step; Reaching the final stage means you are now ready to continue learning and growing independently.
  • Finalists will qualify for access to laptops and jobs at top tech companies

Program duration: 12-24 weeks

Closing of registrations: May 1, 2022

Training kick-off: May 2, 2022

For more information:

Visit the Official Ingressive for Good/Zuri Training Webpage scholarship

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