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Too many software projects fail. Yes, we did! Someone had to talk to the elephant in the room. Poor planning and poor communication are the main reasons for individual software development failure, much more so than technical incompetence or unmet requirements. Custom software development is far from the end result and hence the word ‘custom’. There may be similarities between some software applications, but any custom software is a collection of innovative ideas and business logic. Custom software represents an advantage for companies because they now have a competitive advantage.

This drives demand for custom software and the demand drives high downstream software development costs! Software development is essential for all businesses, but the costs are skyrocketing. As these companies strive to develop cutting-edge software to drive growth, it becomes very difficult to determine the overall budget. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to interact regularly and obtain a budget estimate from the software development team. This helps make room for additional expenses that may suddenly appear in the software development process.

How to Develop Profitable Software Applications

Implement DevOps

Implementing DevOps is important because it leads to greater functionality, better speed, improved quality, and improved performance. Additionally, DevOps will help create better communication and collaboration between software developers and stakeholders. Overall, DevOps leads to better integration, automation, measurement, and monitoring of the software development lifecycle.

Adopt Agile

Adopting the Agile software development approach creates better collaboration and communication between stakeholders and developers throughout the development process. In fact, Agile makes it easy to add new features on the fly and allow for changes at any time, which may be unavoidable for some. On the other hand, allowing customers to provide product information and feedback is important for product reviews and improvements. Using Agile allows for changes to be made throughout the process.

Use manual and automated tests

Using manual and automated testing early in the development process helps avoid human error, perform tasks, and build scripts and quality assurance tests. Both manual and automated testing are essential and help simplify the software development process, in terms of time and cost.

Product launch with essential features

Launching a product with core features based on usability rather than visual impact can help reduce design process focus and adjust development budget by up to 10%. It is best to launch with minimal functionality and determine if there is market demand for these secondary features. Also consider implementing additional functionality if there is a proven return on investment or increase in user numbers. Additionally, avoiding complex and expensive features that don’t provide value to users can also be key to controlling your budget.

Use existing solutions

It is common to use existing solutions to improve the user interface or for payment services. For example, user interface functionality can be implemented through the use of predefined templates that can be easily customized. Additionally, there are third-party service providers such as WaaS, SaaS, and BaaS that offer solutions for a reasonable fee or even for free. There is no need to develop these out-of-the-box solutions as there are solutions you can use.

Use open source software (OSS)

It is recommended to use OSS whenever possible. Open source technologies are generally free to use and generally do not require the payment of license fees. In addition to the extreme cost-benefit ratio, OSS offers flexibility, freedom, security and accountability compared to proprietary software solutions. OSS also offers a long term lifespan and is constantly on the cutting edge of technology.

Provide clear requirements

Providing clear requirements to software vendors is key to receiving accurate quotes. Properly translating the scope of the project to the supplier eliminates the guesswork. Therefore, articulating application functionality, business logic, screens, and system behaviors can help vendors provide a more accurate quote.

Unify Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Unifying ALM is needed to share information within a unified platform. Ultimately, ALM helps manage an application, tracks changes, and documents everything during use. Additionally, connecting executives, analysts, project managers, developers, and testers helps bridge gaps and creates clarity and traceability throughout the product lifecycle.

develop intelligence

Integrating intelligence into the lifecycle will help you react to constant business changes. Giving developers and testers the ability to map features to business goals helps build intelligence. Therefore, testers can predict the change or functionality during the development process and provide configurations and test plans to test a particular change.

Leverage tests

Involving test engineers early in the software development process is essential to provide feedback on the feature set, architecture, and further development. The test engineering team can be responsible for the test automation framework and provide feedback to the development team as needed. Inspiring team creativity and flexibility allows for new ideas and exploratory attempts.

Final Words: How to Develop Profitable Software Applications

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