Fobi AI Inc Enters Strategic Partnership with Canadian Software Development Company Barnet Technologies

Fobi said it was “excited” to work with Barnet to provide Fobi’s Wallet Pass-based loyalty, employee identification and age verification solutions to the alcohol, cannabis and alcohol industries. from the grocery store.

Fobi AI (TSX-V:FOBI, ​​​​OTCQB:FOBIF) Inc, a provider of real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence, announced a strategic partnership with Canadian software development company Barnet Technologies Corp. .

Barnet has over 25 years of industry experience and its solutions are deployed in over 500 locations across Canada and the United States. It is a leader in the highly regulated alcohol and cannabis vertical markets, in addition to providing management system solutions for the grocery and convenience retail industry.

Significantly, Barnet’s product offerings have point-of-sale (POS) and management information features that support organizations in key areas of their business including sales, inventory control, loyalty systems customer service and multi-store operations with e-commerce applications. Using a hybrid cloud computing approach, Barnet has developed its system to be reliable and user-friendly.

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Fobi said the companies’ integrated solution will include an all-new digital loyalty program solution that will allow customers to download a Wallet Pass from select retailers, providing immediate access to loyalty points, stored value, card- electronic gifts or stamp card functionality.

The two companies also plan to introduce an employee identity management solution, to replace employee ID cards with wallet cards to not only validate access and track timesheets, but also enable companies to send notifications to their staff with important information.

Additionally, Barnet and Fobi will enable age verification through the Wallet Pass for the hospitality industry. The digital loyalty program, employee identification solution and age verification service are all based on Fobi’s recently announced enhanced PassPro platform.

“This partnership will provide a significant win-win for both organizations as we share several verticals that we target with our integrated and transformative software solutions,” Fobi founding CEO Rob Anson said in a statement. “The synergies between the two organizations and target verticals align very well, and we look forward to bringing these joint solutions to market.”

Barnet has a diverse client list and is a leading point-of-sale provider in verticals such as alcohol, cannabis, grocery and food service. It recently completed an integration with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s PlayNow member program, allowing Barnet to install systems at BCLC’s first two food and alcohol outlets at local casinos.

Fobi said it was pleased to work with Barnet to provide Fobi’s Wallet Pass-based loyalty, employee identification and age verification solutions.

Meanwhile, Nick Ricci, president of Barnet Technologies, said the partnership with Fobi underscores his company’s mission to help customers “future their business”.

“Mobile wallet adoption has grown tremendously over the past two years, and I’ve witnessed first-hand the accelerated growth of our customers’ business needs for digital transformation,” Ricci said. “Our goal is always to offer affordable solutions that integrate with existing systems to improve the overall customer experience.”

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