Digital Transformation Series – Project and Practice Management Software

To support businesses in Wales, Superfast Business Wales has created a new digital toolkit designed to help businesses improve efficiency, streamline operations, boost security and often reduce costs.

Listing over 100 cloud-based solutions, the Digital Toolkits Directory will help you find software and services you can rely on. All products listed are presented for information and research purposes only, and no recommendation is intended to be comprehensive or act as a specific endorsement of Superfast Business Wales.


In the first part of this series, we look at project management tools and practice

  • Project management The software is a tool that helps you plan, allocate resources and manage project schedules.

By helping plan scope and organize resources, you can better control costs and timelines, while improving collaboration. Implemented correctly, project management software enables you to do more and improve results, reducing costs and increasing transparency

  • practice management The software helps you to manage professional offices in contact with the customers and, therefore, there are specific tools intended for law firms, medical offices, accountants, dental offices, veterinary offices, companies of architecture, opticians and many more.

Typically, software products in this area can help manage records, billing, scheduling, and appointments.

Completing tasks on time, on budget and with the most efficient use of available resources is key to a successful business and project management and practice management software are the tools that can lighten the load.

Project management products differ by industry, so it’s important to choose the software that best suits your type of business.

Key things to look for include the right level of reporting for your organization, as well as features to help you plan the allocation and use of your resources (human or otherwise), as well as the flexibility to keep up with business changes planned/unplanned.

To ensure your teams can communicate effectively, take the time to consider the collaboration aspects of any software you choose. Also consider interaction with other digital tools you might use, from spreadsheets to corporate instant messaging. Will everything work together?

Practice management software tends to be more specialized, but the above project management tips still apply. Look for a product specifically designed for your type of business, whether you are a lawyer, accountant or doctor.

For both types of software, it’s important to look at the total cost of any solution. This should include costs per user, as well as any costs for converting data from old sources and any setup costs you may incur. By fully pricing a potential software choice, you can make an accurate long-term prediction of the overall cost of ownership, allowing you to more accurately compare competing products with your current systems.

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