AWS enables live streaming with the Amazon Chime SDK

Amazon Web Services Inc. today said it is bringing live streaming capabilities to its Amazon Chime real-time communications service software development kit.

With this new addition, Amazon said it’s made it much easier for all kinds of developers to potentially reach millions of viewers by sending real-time video to streaming platforms like Twitch.

Amazon Chime SDKs is a set of real-time communication components for developers that make it easy to add messaging, audio, video, and screen sharing functionality to web and mobile applications. For example, developers can use it to add video to a healthcare app, allowing patients to video call their doctor directly through the healthcare provider’s app.

The addition of live streaming is a natural extension of the Amazon Chime SDK. In a blog post, Amazon explained that while the popularity of live streaming has grown significantly, it remains extremely difficult to send real-time video from apps to streaming platforms.

Developers are forced to use legacy products that aren’t fit for the job because they can’t scale, or create custom solutions, which means spending countless hours building. They also have to write tons of code to process the video, then more code to manage the infrastructure, and even more to send the video securely in the correct format to the live streaming platform in question.

This is no longer the case with the Amazon Chime SDK’s live connector feature, according to AWS. It makes it easier for developers to create and send real-time video from a multi-party video session to many popular streaming platforms, where it can be distributed to a global audience.

Moreover, it provides many tools for developers to improve the live streaming experience, by formatting video layouts, choosing and combining multiple video streams into a single stream, and through machine learning that can improve audio and video quality. To keep it simple, video streams can be captured into a single file for on-demand video playback, offline consumption, or archiving, Amazon explained.

The Amazon Chime SDK Live Connector can be used to stream virtual events, webinars, educational classes, fitness sessions, product demos for live trading sessions, online games, sports and Moreover.

It also allows live streaming of multi-party video sessions. Developers can aggregate multiple streams into a single video stream directly in their apps. This stream uses the Real-Time Messaging Protocol Secure format which is compatible with major streaming platforms, with the stream viewable either within the app itself or on social media platforms.

For example, a developer building an app for a virtual event can use the Amazon Chime SDK live connector with Amazon Interactive Video Service, which allows multiple videos of the event to be watched in that app. In addition to the live stream, a VoD file can be created once the session is over and made available for replays.

It was this feature that piqued the interest of event management software provider Mice Platform Co. Ltd. said Mice Platform CEO Tsuyoshi Suzuki.

Picture: AWS

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