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Significant test time savings and much faster reporting of important metrics are key features of this exciting upgrade.

BEAVERTON, Oregon., November 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Audio precision®which is part of Axiometrix Solutions, today released version 8.0 of its highly advanced APx500 measurement software. Version 8.0 features software performance optimizations that reduce unnecessary calculations and speed up sequence execution. This results in significant test time savings and much faster reporting of important measurements such as THD+N.

In version 8.0 of the APx500 software, Audio Precision allows users to access THD+N results using the FastSweep stimulus in Continuous Sweep, Acoustic Response, and Loudspeaker Production tests.

“Version 8.0, coupled with our steady cadence of APx500 software enhancements, allows users to take advantage of measurement scalability and efficiency, and experience savings of up to 40% on test”, declares Daniel Knight, CEO of Audio Précision. “This upgrade reinforces our philosophy of providing a continuous program of improvements that not only saves customers time and money, but also increases the value of their new and existing analyzers.”

This latest version incorporates updates from Bose® SoneTrac, allowing users to perform SoneTrac measurements in the same way as Bose to benefit from finer control of signal processing in detecting friction and hum faults.

Version 8.0 also allows users to access THD+N results using the FastSweep stimulus in continuous sweep, acoustic response, and loudspeaker production tests. As its name suggests, this extremely fast stepped frequency signal sweep offers several advantages over a logarithmically swept (chirp) sine wave signal, including an ability to sweep from low to high or high to low frequency, a lack of transient ripples at low or high frequencies, support for measuring harmonics above the 20th, and precise control over the number of discrete points used in measurements.

“Audio Precision’s strength lies in providing elite audio analysis, audio measurement software and a wide range of modules, options and accessories to support audio measurement. analog and digital, Dan Knight adds. “Our version 8.0 software aims to give engineers the analysis tools they need to support their own processes for designing and manufacturing innovative products.”

As part of its upgrade path, Audio Precision’s most recent software updates include v7.1 and v7.0. Version 7.1 provides built-in support for measurement units and improves the presentation of input units, allowing users to scale any input to the native unit domain of that physical input or to Volts, FS, Pascals or Amps; while v7.0 enables the use of FastSweep in open-loop test scenarios, such as smart speaker testing.

To ensure that Audio Precision customers never miss the latest software updates, the company also offers software subscriptions available in one, three or five year increments. This gives users full access to optional APx measurements for the duration of their subscription (excluding PESQ and PLQA) at no additional cost.


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Audio Precision is the recognized standard for audio testing. For more than thirty-five years, AP has provided high-performance audio analyzers, accessories, and applications to help engineers around the world design, validate, characterize, and manufacture consumer, professional, and industrial audio products. Continuous innovation has been a key theme for the organization since its inception, with market-leading THD+N performance, a wide range of digital interfaces, software that combines power and ease of use, and tools for electro-acoustic and perceptual audio. test. Based at Beaverton, ORAP is part of Axiometrix Solutions, a leading test solutions provider comprised of globally recognized measurement brands including GRAS Sound & Vibration and imc Test & Measurement.

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