3 Reasons to Choose STARNAVI Remote Software Development

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Outsourcing vs staff increase

ESTONIA, November 2, 2022 // — Every digital business needs software these days. However, to be more efficient and get more done, businesses don’t just need software; they need custom software. In such a case, it is possible to find solutions to specific problems, automate tasks and better meet customer needs. To develop custom software, a company needs a team. Here are three reasons to hire a remote software development team.

Solutions that put the company ahead of the competition

By using the same software as competitors, keeping processes at the same level and providing the same services, you will not advance in the market. On the other hand, custom software development is becoming an advantage for many companies. It can help businesses start a digital transformation of their business and attract more customers through better user experience.

What can companies achieve with the help of remote software development:

– implement new solutions where the standard software was insufficiently functioning;
– automate, digitize or robotize processes to simplify the workflow;
– increase the security of company data;
– increase convenience for their customers or partners by creating a custom app or chatbot/site;

All of these benefits will help businesses think outside the box and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Innovative technology for digital transformation

Competition in the world of software and digital product development is essentially technology competition. Rapid growth and broad opportunities in the technology stack allow us to maintain the optimal team size, develop products faster than our competitors and avoid obsolescence.

We provide:

– Guaranteed quality
We guarantee the delivery of high quality software solutions within the agreed budgets. We also provide lifetime warranty support for projects with which we have signed a support contract.

– Scalable results
We already have over 30 satisfied customers and have received 98% positive reviews. For us, the impressive results of our clients’ businesses achieved through our custom software and products are the best illustration of the effectiveness of our approaches and solutions.

– Competent team
We follow a proven model of staff augmentation in our workflow to ensure the company hires specialists with the right skills and knowledge. The increase in staff means that you hire specialists, such as developers, designers, testers and others from another company, such as STARNAVI, on the condition that they continue to work there, but in fact, you become their employer and they perform tasks that you assign to them. This model excludes any communication error that may occur between the client and the performer of the task. Hence, providing optimum efficiency in web product development. STARNAVI has a talent pool that companies can choose from for custom software development.

Profitable partnership

Saving money is a definite benefit of the staff augmentation model. Compared to outsourcing, it may also cost you less because your payment contract will only include the work of a specialist. Quick response to your business needs is another benefit that staffing will definitely bring to you. You can increase and decrease the number of workers involved in your projects when you need them and reduce costs, instead of paying full-time employers when you don’t need their work.

The STARNAVI team’s involvement in development at all stages of the project, the sophisticated processes, the established technology stack and the mastery of technology allow us to create reliable and modern digital products that work for your businesses and bring results.

Hire our software developers for competitive advantage, digital transformation and cost-effective solutions!

Dmytro Nesterenko
StarNavi OU

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