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TechCrunch Experts continues to gather and share authoritative advice for founders who need help with growth marketing and software development. Here are some related articles we’ve published over the past few weeks:

Growth Marketing

(TechCrunch+) Leverage your community and the K-factor to drive viral growth: For some insight into viral growth, John Biggs interviewed:

  • Mariusz Gąsiewski, Head of CEE Mobile Games, Google
  • Andrew Yakovlev, creator of Solidaria
  • Sam Zivot, Marketing Manager, StickerYou
  • John Woznowski, CEO, Reality.co
  • Jane Wang, CEO, Optimity

Among other topics, this article covers the K-factor formula, which helps measure virality.

  • k=i*c

  • i = average number of invitations sent by each customer

  • c = average conversion % of each invitation sent

When it comes to growth marketing, “a lot of CRO is psychological”: Growthcurve was recommended to us in our growth marketing survey.

I spoke with Founder Mulenga Agley about how their team assesses new customers and common marketing mistakes related to conversion optimization rates. Our interview also covered how they work with clients, with Agley explaining what advice they would offer a client with a $25,000 budget:

Let’s say it’s an early-stage SaaS subscription business. If there is time, investing in SEO and a highly defensible content moat to drive inbound traffic backed by continued growth experimentation and CRO would be ideal.

Software consulting

For founders looking to launch apps, “being non-technical is not a limitation”: I spoke with Business Development Manager Wojciech Borkowski and CTO Peter Tuszynski of the Software Development Store. customers who do not have prior technical experience.

It is important to have a proven process for product validation. Our customers are often very focused on the hardware side, which forces us to be more diligent when working on the software/firmware side of the project to make sure everything will work together well.

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