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The Power Learn Project (PLP), an impact organization, announces that it will train 1,500 software developers in Nigeria for four months, under the auspices of the #1MillionDevs4Africa program.

Adanian Labs Country Manager Killian Mayua told Voice of Nigeria that the PLP, in partnership with Adanian Labs Nigeria and Job Red, will launch the program on November 18, 2022 at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos State.

This aims to drive transformative change for young Africans by empowering them through the provision of quality and decentralized technology training.

The continental project aims to train 1 million software developers across Africa by 2027

The choice for Nigeria

Nigeria is the fifth country in Africa, after Kenya, South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania, to introduce the #1MillionDevs4Africa program.

Nigeria would be best placed to reap the benefits of the digital economy.

The country’s potential is evident in its size as the largest digital market and top investment destination in Africa.

Experts estimate that Nigeria’s digital sector could add $88 billion and 3 million jobs to the economy by 2027.

According to PLP Chairman of the Board, John Kamara;“We are focused on equipping young Nigerians and young Africans with digital skills. We realize that technology is the key to economic growth through industrialization and human capital development. COVID has enabled everyone around the world to take advantage of technology in all sectors of the global economy, whether in healthcare, Agritech, Edutech, Fintech, e-commerce, manufacturing or services. telecommunications.

Skills Gap Report, indicates that;“Nigeria’s digital economy has the potential to create jobs and reduce unemployment. However, to fully exploit the potential of the sector, the country needs to invest in digital and soft skills. With many courses in Nigerian universities becoming less marketable in the world of work and students lacking employable skills when seeking opportunities, acquiring digital skills is the right direction to achieve digital inclusion..

In the update of Nigeria’s National Digital Economy Strategy (NDEPS) for Digital Nigeria 2020-2030, unveiled by President Muhammadu Buhari on November 28, 2019, developing digital literacy and improving society are essential to enable emerging technologies.

Added value

PLP’s Director of Growth and Operations, Mumbi Ndung’u, said “For personal growth and access to job opportunities in local and international tech ecosystems, students need to migrate to online study platforms and pursue their educational aspirations..

“At the end of the course, learners will have access to a number of opportunities and alternative educational pathways across the organization, ranging from internships and proof of employment opportunities or connections to adventure studios and incubators if they wish to explore entrepreneurship”, Ndung’u said.

Other African beneficiaries

The PLP seeks to launch four more pilot countries; Rwanda, Ghana and Uganda, with West and North Africa being considered for Phase 2 of the program.

The scholarship program accepts applications from October 19, 2022.

The course ranges from programming languages ​​such as Python and Dart programming with Flutter to Blockchain 101, databases, data science, and entrepreneurial skills.

The Power Learn Project, launched in April 2022 in Kenya, is a pan-African impact organization whose vision is to drive transformative change for young people in Africa.

The organization aims to launch software careers with fully-funded entry-level training using free data access and self-paced learning management over 16 weeks.

Learners will then have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through a proof-of-work module.

Learners will earn a certificate upon successful completion of the course and join a community of skilled young Africans ready to seize digital opportunities.

They will also be equipped with life skills such as financial literacy, health and wellbeing with our partner AfyaRekod, which will provide them with access to their mental health data and support when needed, among many others.

These will help them navigate a rapidly changing world as productive members of society.

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